the markets at brimfield, MA
September 2015 we will be at the massive Brimfield, MA event that is like no other I have ever seen. There were more vendors than we ever have seen. More unusual marterials (aircraft parts, machine parts, vintage medical equipment, strange signage, neon, glass tanks and various other odds and ends. I was in heaven.

We will be returning to the May 2016 event with even more! It was an incredible event. Check it out.

ongoing TimeOut NY article
This spring, Rodney Allen Trice began creating new projects for a column called TOSSED AND FOUND. It will run every third week but by the end of summer be up to every other week. The only stipulation in this recurring project is that is has to originate from a piece of junk that was found somewhere, tossed out, in the five boroughs of New York City. Beyond that, the sky is the limit... and I intend to make it really fly! And the accolades have already begun rolling in!
march '09 — vaccum cleaner backpack
may '09 — fan cage 'noguchi' ceiling fixture
july '09 — envoltura 1 & 2 (first in series)

applied deconstruction 101
winter of 2013: class is in session
In this newly developed course, privately taught by
Rodney Allen Tirce, students will learn the philosophy
and techniques that will empower everyone to
begin refitting their own lives and maybe through the
process find a new life themselves.
Classes begin in the winter of 2013

broadcast pilot:
t.o.m.t.™, refitting the planet™ show.
This would be a recurring do-it-yourself project based show with eco-minded tips that can turn into their own projects for family and for the individual too. A new lifestyle mapped out where everyone can take control of their lives and create a much more individual and fascinating world around them, filled with all of their personal favorites, no longer being dictated to about what they should like or not.
The show would teach the philosophy of t.o.m.t.™ and apply it to life. There will also be segments for viewers to send in pics so we can come up with solutions to their actual refitting needs by meeting them and doing their project with them. Additionally a segment will be included that gives in depth information on the manufacturers in your area and in everyones area and how to work with them to create parts for your new designs from your own discarded objects.
Finishing the pitch pilot in the winter of 2013.

book project
t.o.m.t.™ is building the first t.o.m.t. Do-it-yourself project book with full color images, complete instructions, tips and suggestions on creating all the projects in the book on your own.
scheduled to begin after the pilot is shot.

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