The Throne
of The Keeper of The Seed
This piece was designed for and donated to the "7th on Sale" benefit for CFDA in NYC in 1995. The focused subject matter was the memory of those who died of AIDs
(de: shovels, oak, terracotta pots, branches, copper plumbing & brass faucets)



The Throne of The Keeper of The Seed

Petals in their prime - now dropping.
Blooms once bright with color - withered.
A presence now at hand - we're haunted.
Paths of lilacs once - now ghosted
with the dry dead stems of lives now ended.
Ends before conclusions,
petals drop before full blooms.

Haunting in the garden - a reaper.
Reaping what it has not sown - a thief.
Seemingly complete - his pillage,
but behind remains,
in the dry dead shell of leaves and stems,
the dream,
the hope that another will pick up where he left off,
the time capsules locked, his inspiration,
the seed.

Now to all who sit in this throne - a decree,
to be to the seed for us - a keeper.
to look beyond the fragments of death - the rustling,
and to always adhere oneself to this creed:
seeds need water and soil and light - please care.
young minds sparked by blooms now dead - please nurture.
Look back towards those who passed - please smile
for all the things they gave - the seeds.
And let not their deaths be in vain - Remember.

Remember in this day
to all who would agree
to be a keeper of the seed.

©1995 T.O.M.T. / Rodney Allen Trice

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